Monday, July 14, 2008

Getting through it

Well, another few weeks closer to the races. I had a great ride yesterday with a fe folks from Team Magellan. We ended up riding in perfect temperature but pretty hefty winds. Good thing was that we had 8 in our group and we all stuck together the entire time so that made the winds a little more manageable.

Even though I have no time to even breathe these next few weeks between work, training, and family, I am going to try to spread the word about Aplastic Anemia by sending out some press releases.

First I have to learn/read up on how to write a press release that will be some attention, then I need to somehow figure out where to get the names/numbers of the media contacts. So if I end up managing to find time to do that, I think it will help raise awareness.

I'm getting beaten up pretty good with all this training and the crazy time management involved in it, but hopefully it'll be worth it and some nice funds will be raised for Aplastic Anemia Foundation.

Oh, here's a family photo...figured it was time to post one. :)

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