Sunday, March 30, 2008

Bike ride today.

Bike Workout (44 mi):

15' zone 1 + 125' zone 2 + 15' zone 1

Ended up going a little longer than planned since I rode outside and the course was 44 mi long. Tried to stay around 125bpm-135bpm for zone 2 portion but was a hilly course and proved a bit more difficult to hold constant HRM than expected. Also, I didn't fuel correctly so the last 30min or so of the ride I bonked and had a tough time getting my muscles to turn over.

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Saturday, March 29, 2008

Track Workout

My coach had me do a track workout today to better hone in on my current running heart rate zones. This workout HURT! Also, my left ankle I twisted about 4 weeks ago still hurts after I do hard runs like this.

Here is the workout and the mile splits.

Run Workout (total 5.5 miles):

10' zone 1 + 10' drills + 4 strides with full recovery + 3 X (1600 for time + rest 35'') + 400 for time + 10' zone 1. Rest interval is 35'' between the 1600s and between the last 1600 and 400.

I've done this test 3 times in the past year and it appears that I've gotten a little stronger since before the Chicago Marathon 2007.

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Friday, March 28, 2008


Swim workout (2,100 meters):

200 easy free + 100 breaststroke + 4 X 100 free with ankle bands, RI=15'' + 4 X 300 light pace free, RI=10'' + 200 backstroke

shoulders are starting to bother me again. time to ramp up on my shoulder stabilizer exercises.

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Thursday, March 27, 2008

A short bike

Bike Workout:

10' zone 1 + 4' gradually bring intensity up to top of zone 4 intensity + 25' zone 2 (every 3' include a 10'' max effort burst) + 10' zone 1

my left spin scan was pretty low today...not sure why. maybe I need to start using my powercranks again a couple times a week.

CLICK HERE for computrainer data.

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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Training Week #2

I've realized that keeping a blog is VERY time consuming. Wow. I didn't realize that.

I've been hounded by my friends to post more regularly so I'll try to do that even if it's just what my workout was for the day and how I felt.

Today I had a swim and a run.

Swim workout (1,900 meters): 200 easy free + 100 breaststroke + 200 closed fist and pullbuoy + 50 OK + 50 Index + 50 Pinky + 4 X 100 IM, RI=30'' + 4 X 200 easy free, RI=10'' + 150 backstroke

felt pretty good today in the water. definitely getting back in swim shape pretty quickly. neck was a little sore since i'm not used to using it so much (i.e. breathing in the water)

Run workout: 10' zone 1 + 10' zone 3 + 4 X (30'' stride + 1' walk) + 10' zone 1

stupid HRM wasn't working again. I need to send it to Polar to get the battery in the watch changed. had to run by RPE. figured zone 3 was my 8:00min/mile pace at the half marathon so did that and it felt about right. did 10:00min/miles for the zone 1 times.

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Sunday, March 16, 2008

March Madness Half Marathon 2008

Today was the March Madness Half Marathon in Cary, Illinois. It was fun to get out there in the early season and run this long of a race. I had been training for it a little bit over the past couple months and felt pretty good. Some of my friends from the Lifetime Fitness Run Club out of Algonquin were there and it was great to see them. We tend to not get out and run together very much during the winter (too cold).

CLICK HERE for my race day data.

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