Sunday, February 24, 2008

A Great Run

Yesterday was one of the best runs I had in several months. I wanted to do 2 hours at 9:30-10:00min/mile pace but found a group that was going to run the March Madness half marathon course in Cary, IL. We got just slightly lost and ended up running 14.0 miles instead of 13.1 miles.

Since I didn't know the course I kept pace with a couple guys that wanted to do 8:15-8:30min/miles and figured I just hang with them until I got tired...well that never happened and I felt unbelievable during the run.

I ran in my new Nike Free shoes, which were awesome (except on ice...I almost broke my neck). Even though the weather started at 25 degrees, it was sunny and hardy any wind and I guess my clothing perfectly.

Due to the very hilly course we ended up averaging just under 9:00 min/miles and my avg heart rate was only 149 beats per minute! Very good for me this early in the season.

CLICK HERE for garmin data and CLICK HERE for HRM data.

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