Thursday, August 14, 2008

Almost Home

Ok, so here we the home stretch for the unbelievably crazy training schedule. I'm sick and tired of having to miss social events, professional after work events, not being with my wife and son on the weekends because I'm gone doing some unbelievable training escapades, and being run down, tired, and on the verge begin sick (coughing and sore throat on and off).

So, what's the glass half full side of the story? It's that I am in the most unbelievable shape of my life and quite frankly, being 38 years old, don't know if I'll ever be in this good of shape again (ha ha ha). Also, next week's training schedule will be almost half of what this week's is and the following week is RACE WEEK!!!

This is the home stretch and I'm so excited that I was able to withstand all this training, a new job, a new son, and my unbelievably incredible wife who puts up with all my time away training...she should be canonized!

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