Thursday, December 13, 2007

Nathan and Santa (p)

Well, this is Nathan's first Christmas. We went to see Santa today and were actually able to capture a photo of him NOT crying! He was a little stressed out on Santa's lap and I don't think he really liked his beard. The photo came out like he's under arrest...(hope that's not foretelling).

I made it to the gym yesterday (unbelievable) and did the same workout as Monday. I was in and out of the gym in under an hour but only did 1 set of all the exercises...I figured it's better than nothing.

I usually am a slug this time of year with the holidays and so many functions to attend, but when January hits I seem to begin to get back in the grove of working out (like most everyone with their New year's Resolutions). I'll have 8 months to train up for my 2 Ironmans at that time...should be enough time to get me through the races....gulp!