Friday, April 11, 2008

Gearing up for a 4 hour bike ride

This Sunday will be the longest ride of the season so far. 4 hours. I'm excited about the long rides because I really love riding my bike (at least I'm not sick of it yet...that comes later in the season as Ironman gets closer)

I'm again organizing (or attempting to) cyclists together so we all have company on these "longer" rides this training season. Last week for our 3 hr ride we had 7 riders and it was good fun. We ended up doing about 50 miles in about 3:15 or so I think.

CLICK HERE for a map of the route we rode last week.

The last couple days of workouts have been fun. I've not been by the computer much since I'm working pretty long hours (leaving early/coming home late) but got a moment to post tonight.

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