Friday, June 20, 2008

Now the fun begins

Well, now we're finally getting into the part of Ironman training that is really tough. Anyone whose done Ironman training knows that the final build period before the peak weeks of training all season...just are plain tough.

Your body is tried from the training building up to this point, work stresses, family stresses, and just the idea that you want to have the ability to just hang and not have to work out 6 days a week...really begins to tear most people down mentally.

However, the amazing part about this upcoming arduous portion of the Ironman training season is that once you get through it (even though it seems like it will never end) you are so utterly amazed at yourself for accomplishing the training that when you get to race day, that day means so much more to you because you've really had to work your @ss off to get there...literally. ha ha ha

Just to prepare everyone...these next 6 weeks are going to most likely be posts of me complaining how I hate Ironman training, how I'll never sign up for another Ironman again, how I can't believe I'm putting myself and my family through this, etc, etc, etc. But don't's completely normal and "this too shall pass"

I'm going to begin my fundraising efforts in earnest soon...which, quite frankly, is just another added stress to my 168 hours I have each week to accomplish things.

So, IF YOU'RE READING THIS, and you haven't take time to donate (even if it's only $10), PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE click on the donate button and help raise money for a foundation that so badly needs people like you!

Please help make a difference -

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Rainmaker said...

Keep pushing it man...and happy to help out!