Sunday, June 22, 2008

A Rookie Mistake

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After 11 years in this sport of triathlon you'd think I wouldn't be making any rookie mistakes right???

Well, yesterday on my 100 mile bike ride I made a rookie mistake and can't believe I did it.

The workout was to ride the 100 miles but for 4 hours and 15 minutes of the ride, go hard at 150 beats per minute heart rate.

Everything was going perfect but after about 45 miles I ran out of water and was getting hungry and since I couldn't drink my Perpetuem without water since it was in concentrated form...I just stuck it out for another 5 miles until we got to the gas station to refuel...but by that time I was pretty darn hungry.

Do you ever go to the grocery store hungry and buy all this crap that you never end up eating but it looked SSSOOO good and yummy when you were in the store? A similar situation occurred when I walked through the gas station aisle. A payday candy bar caught my eye and for some stupid, stupid, stupid reason I bought it and wolfed it down faster than I have ate anything in my life....YUMMY!!! It really hit the spot! My hunger pangs went away!

So now I'm totally psyched for the ride home and thinking to myself that I'm gonna continue to rock out at my hard pace of 150 beats per minute for the remaining 2 hours I had to do.

Unfortunately, about 30 minutes after leaving the gas station at the hard pace I began to get very nauseous. I tried to ignore it and keep my heart rate up...but to no avail. I felt like getting sick so I immediately knew what I did wrong...eating a damn simple sugar candy bar with stupid chemicals in it then going hard at 150 heart rate thinking my body could use that as fuel. Well my body went on strike big time.

So to make sure I didn't loose my lunch (so to speak...a payday candy bar is NOT a lunch for those kids at home reading this) I backed off to 125 beats per minute heart rate and sat up straight on my triathlon bike and figured I would be ready to rock it out again at top speed in about 10 min or so....

Nope, it took about 1 hour and 40 minutes for the nauseousness to go away, and even when that went away I couldn't get into my aero position for very long because it was too much stress on my abdomen/large intestine...where the dumb payday bar was now sitting and being digested.

So I ended up having only 3 hours 15 min at my 150 heart rate and then just limped home the remaining 2+ hours at a 125 heart rate all in the upright position.

I was so mad at myself because I KNOW better to not deviate from practicing my race-day nutrition plan (Perpetuem and hammer gel ONLY) but NNNOOO I had to listen to my stupid brain that was obviously delirious from hunger and suggested I eat a payday bar.

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