Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Ironman Recovery Week

Well, this week is all about recovery.

I've received so many questions about how I plan to attempt to recover a bit from Ironman Louisville so that I have the ability to complete Ironman Wisconsin. So here's what I'm doing this week to recover and get ready to race again.

  1. I got a massage immediately after I finished Ironman Louisville, got another 1 hr massage on Tuesday, will get another 1 hr massage on thursday, and get a final 30 min massage on Saturday before the Ironman Wisconsin race.
  2. I am taking a nightly dose of Hammer Nutrition's Whey protein protocal; which raises the human growth hormone production during sleep. It also contains Glutamine; which promotes the immune system so I don't get sick from wearing down my body so much.
  3. I'm sleeping in compression tights ( to improve blood circulation in my legs.
  4. I'm taking (and have been for about 2 months now) Hammer Nutrition's "Daily Essentials" Premium Insurance Caps, Mito Caps, and Race Caps Supreme.
  5. I'm downing Ensure like there is no tomorrow (six 350 calorie cans each day) to jack up my caloric intake this week since I burned 10,000-12,000 calories this past Sunday and will burn another 10,000-12,000 calories again this coming Sunday.
  6. Drinking about 34 ounces of water an hour to continue to flush out the toxins and help with recovery.
  7. Taking Hammer Nutrition REM caps each night so I get a solid 7-8 hours of sleep per night.
  8. Went aqua jogging for 10-15 minutes and did some backstroke for about 10 minutes on Tuesday night to keep the blood flowing through the muscles and promote repair and recovery of the muscle fibers.
  9. Took an ice bath immediately following the post-race massage on sunday. BBBRRRRRR!!
  10. Playing with my son each day to keep my spirits up and allow my body to produce those great beneficial hormones it produces when we laugh and have fun!
So that's it. We'll see what happens on Sunday. (yikes!)

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Iron Greg said...

I just came across your blog... And I thought I was crazy for doing IMC then Florida 10 weeks later... you are doing something that is not attempted very often. Good for you and as you said one down, one to go!! Will have to check back early next week to see how #2 went.
Good luck!!!

jusdoit01 said...


I read about you in the Herald paper and I commend you for your commitment.
I'm not an Ironman, but inpired by you as I train for the Chicago 1/2 Marathon. This is my second year running the 1/2 Marathon and I didn't train enough last year and had to walk 1 mile because of cramping.
This year I've decide to run beyond 13 miles and be in better shape. I'm not a quitter and was embarassed last year for stopping.

I've considered running the Chicago Marathon this year and your articles in the Herald have been an inspiration to me to do it.

If I didn't become unemployed recently, I'd give more money, but I can't at this time. When I get a new job I'll send another $25.00.

Thanks for the inpiration.

Mike Dudek

ShirleyPerly said...

Thanks for sharing your recovery routine.