Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Training Week #2

I've realized that keeping a blog is VERY time consuming. Wow. I didn't realize that.

I've been hounded by my friends to post more regularly so I'll try to do that even if it's just what my workout was for the day and how I felt.

Today I had a swim and a run.

Swim workout (1,900 meters): 200 easy free + 100 breaststroke + 200 closed fist and pullbuoy + 50 OK + 50 Index + 50 Pinky + 4 X 100 IM, RI=30'' + 4 X 200 easy free, RI=10'' + 150 backstroke

felt pretty good today in the water. definitely getting back in swim shape pretty quickly. neck was a little sore since i'm not used to using it so much (i.e. breathing in the water)

Run workout: 10' zone 1 + 10' zone 3 + 4 X (30'' stride + 1' walk) + 10' zone 1

stupid HRM wasn't working again. I need to send it to Polar to get the battery in the watch changed. had to run by RPE. figured zone 3 was my 8:00min/mile pace at the half marathon so did that and it felt about right. did 10:00min/miles for the zone 1 times.

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