Saturday, November 3, 2007

2nd Swim in 16 months

Ok. I made it to the pool today. It was the 2nd time since July 2006 that I've been swimming. The 1st time was 3 months ago.

As I'm sure many people have experienced, going to the pool after such a long time away is a pure humbling experience. I couldn't even make it 100 yards without gasping for breath and having to take a break. Craziness! And to think that I used to swim 8,000 to 10,000 yards a week on a regular basis.

It truly is amazing how the human body is able to adapt and man I have a lot of "adapting" to do over the next 10 months before my crazy goal.

I think the only saving grace is that I have not be completely sedentary since I ran the Chicago Marathon in 2006 and also just a couple months ago. I think my cardiovascular fitness gained from training for the marathon keep me from drowning today in the pool. (ha ha ha).

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