Sunday, November 11, 2007

Navy SEAL in Training

I bowed out of biking yesterday with the group because it was 41 and raining and way too early in training to burn myself out riding in that kind of weather. Now if it was April and 41 and raining I'd be riding...but not in November. I know how these Ironman training seasons go for me and if I get off to a rock-and-roll start, I'll burn out (mentally) by June.

Made it to the pool today. The pool workout today was a measly 1200 yards but I felt quite good and can definitely tell I'm getting back in the groove...but we'll see if I keep up the pool swim since my focus over these next 3 months will be (1) weight training, (2) cycling, (3) running, and the pool is last on my priority list until at least February.

I met a guy in the pool today training to get accepted into BUD/S (Navy SEAL training). He was doing all side-stroke and no one does that much side stroke unless they're in SpecOps of some sort. So we had a little conversation and I told him about the SEALs I had the opportunity to meet from Class 162 when I was at Jump School in Ft. Benning in 1990. I wished him luck and told him to try to connect with another SpecOps guy (SF, SEAL, CCT, Force Recon, whatever) in his area and have him help him with the mental aspect of training that almost always gets overlooked by guys going into these schools.

I wish I hadn't lost touch with my friend Shannon who was CCT and would definitely have been a good mental trainer/teacher for him. He's the ONLY guy that I know to this day that ever graduated from OL-H indoc training for the Combat Control Teams with a mustache (back before CCT and PJs went through the same indoc course) even after the instructors "motivated" him and his classmates on a DAILY basis to shave it off. He paid dearly (VERY dearly) for never shaving it off...but it didn't matter because he made it through and has the graduation picture from OL-H to prove it. He's a bad ass in my book.

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