Friday, November 9, 2007

Nathan is Learning Polish

Nathan is beginning to recognize some works, although none in English yet, but it's cool to speak a word or two to him and he reacts. Now all I gotta do is get him on the bike and treadmill and doing some laps in the pool. (ha ha ha)

Did the Friel Anatomical Adaptation workout again today. 2 sets of the exercises he prescribes in a circuit format. Spent about 50 min at the gym including 5 min jog warmup and 5 min jog cooldown. I definitely can tell it's been a while since I've been a regular at the weights but the feeling of muscle soreness is something I'll never get tired of liking. Feels good.

Spoke to my friend Ted today and ate lunch with my other friend Tim. It's great to have friends who understand and support what you're undertaking. They are such positive energy. I'll never forget when I told Ted about my silly idea of 2 Ironmans in 1 week...he just replied "Oh, you'll be fine. Just take the first one easy" That was the first person whom I told my idea to that actually was on the same wavelength as I. Ted is good people.

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