Friday, November 23, 2007

Black Friday (p)

First things first. Check out the little cutie:

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone (a day late). I went to Best Buy today with Joanna in the early afternoon and it was still busy busy busy there. Anything that was remotely a good "deal" was sold out (probably by 6:00am this morning). People waiting outside in 20 degree weather for hours and'd think they'd be giving stuff away at Best Buy!

I came across a site that looks interesting. It is friendly/motivating competition for people with Computrainers.

You take an initial "test" which is an all out effort for 11+ miles on your bike then you get "handicapped" from the results and over several months you continue to upload your weekly rides and "tests" then a winner is determined at the end of the competition; which I think ends in May.

I won't be able to stick to it that long as I'll be well into my Ironman training by then, but I thought it was interesting since it gives people (like myself) some motivation to work hard during these cold winter months on your bike while cooped up in your basement.

My initial test was pretty bad (I got like 14th out of 19 people) but I think I should improved rapidly over the next couple months since I haven't been riding my bike much and so there really is only one way to go...and that's up! (ha ha ha)


Rainmaker said...

Interesting site - I think I'd get my butt whipped by some of those speeds though! Mid 30's? Yikes!

Steve said...

It's deceptive because it's in kph not mph.