Sunday, November 18, 2007

Computrainer Ride #1

Well I finally hooked up the Computrainer; which was a bit more involved than I anticipated.  I'm glad I have 2 road bikes so that I don't have to disconnect/dismount the bike that's connected to the Computrainer because there are wires you have to run along the bike frame, cadence sensor to mount, and the rear tire has to track perfectly on the rear roller in order to avoid the tire slipping when climbing.  What a pain that was.

Anyway, I did 30 min on it and it wasn't that great of a workout because I was trying to figure out how to get the computer cyclist I was riding with to stay with me or not get too far ahead of me.  I guess I need to read the software manual more now.

The one cool thing I did find is a website that I can click on a map and generate ANY route in the United States and use it on my Computrainer.  VERY VERY cool.  I plotted a ride out of Jackson Hole up through Teton Pass that will be fund to ride and I also plotted my normal 1 hour route from my house as well.

Check out the website:


Rainmaker said...

I haven't bought the mapping software yet - primarily just downloading stuff. I'll be interested in hearing your opinions on it. I'm super-excited about the video-based ones they are releasing in a few weeks though. Way cool.

I only have one road bike, so I do the cable switch - after a while you figure out all the little tricks. I can mount my bike and run the cables in under 60 seconds. A trick with the tables is to use your waterbottle holders as cable holders, just creating a short loop around each holder on the way to the handlebars.

Steve said...

Brad Culberson's website works well for me. You just point and click on the map, download into a CRS file then open it up with your Computrainer software. No need for the Delorme mapping software!