Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Prairie Dog Tri Club

I was able to get on the bike for an hour yesterday...outside!  It's been so warm in Chicago this fall, we've been lucky.  I went exploring Lake in the Hills trying to carve out a nice hill workout that's not to busy with traffic with just enough hills.  I ended up having to ride on busy roads for a bit because I didn't really know my way around yet.

This evening I went to the Prairie Dog Tri Club ( meeting in Hoffman Estates for the first time.  People there seemed to be very warm and personable and it'll be nice to meet more athletes in this new area Joanna and I moved to.  Once the spring and summer come, it'll be nice to have more Ironman athletes to do rides with as well so I can learn new routes for long the bike rides.  There is such great riding around Bull Valley, Barrington Hills, etc.

I wanted to get to the gym last night and do my weight workout but I remembered about the tri club meeting.  I'll try to get to the gym tonight so I can get my 2 weight trng workouts in this week.

My Computrainer ( should be coming in at the end of this week.  I can't stop thinking about it!!  I'm very excited about using it this winter especially with the new video footage they shot so when you ride Ironman Wisconsin or Ironman Arizona, or Ironman Kona or whatever it'll be the exact scenery that you'd see if you where on course.  Very exciting stuff!


Rainmaker said...

The computrainer rocks! I got mine back in early September. While I've only used it a couple times (on purpose, I'm forcing myself to ride outside as long as possible), it's sooo cool. Definitly download some of your favorite courses.

Steve said...

I'm excited and can't wait!!!